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    Welcome to the kingdom of Keltios!
    I have the honor to present my fangame project: Pokémon Sacred Phoenix. Born on June 23, 2018, here it is officially presented in the community!
    Currently developed on a heavily modded version 24 of PSDK, this ambitious project aims to bring audacity and originality both in terms of the scenario and Pokémon gameplay while retaining the very essence of this famous license. In the long term, it is on the open-source Godot engine that I want to develop on, because it is the only way to make a fangame worthy of my ambitions.

    In the spirit of the Relic Castle’s game jams, this project that will be free of public use in order to allow everyone to benefit from it, but also to be able to make a contribution to the edifice.

    When a Legend falls into one of the eternal human conflicts, the Mythical King will lose his Guardian and will no longer be worthy of Arceus’ Throne. From this fall will be reborn the curse of the Sovereign of Kalos. Then utter Shadow will plunge the Divine Pokémon into a tormented sleep, subjecting it to dark servitude.

    From this Shadow that puts many Pokémons’ souls to sleep, the Rebirth will shine with the Rainbow Bird. Blessed by the flames of the Sacred Fire and the unconditional Love of the Phoenix Prophet, the Pokémons of Light will restore the balance of the Legendaries ... For from the Shadow type is born the Light, the balance of the world will never be broken.

    Pokémon Sacred Phoenix is a fan-game that will introduce you to the kingdom of Keltios, a medieval-fantasy world blessed by the Legendaries. Loving myths and legends, it is therefore only natural that I transcribe these passions through my creation. This will involve a unique project on many points, originalities that will make the strength of this project:

    On Giratina’s sphere (the plot):
    What would a world be without adventures? A medieval-fantasy world is full of mages, prophecies, court intrigues, quests, enemies, battles, deaths, hope and heroes. Through a scenario that skillfully mixes Celtic inspiration and the richness of the official Pokémon Lore, you will live the Phoenix Prophecy and will be led to discover the origin of a mysterious evil (the Shadow type) corrupting the heart of some pocket monsters.

    On Palkia’s sphere (the space):
    Keltios, a frontier nation of ancient Kalos, will be a brand-new land to explore. At the height of its glory, this historically rich kingdom remains twice the size of a traditional Pokémon region.

    On Dialga’s sphere (the time):
    A very rare originality, the quest of the Sacred Phoenix will go far into the past: 500 years after the Kalosian reign of AZ, or 2500 years before the contemporary events of the Pokéworld. This implies the absence of almost all technologies. Forget about glass buildings, motor vehicles, computers, Pokémon Centers and modern medicines! It is an opportunity to discover new landscapes (tilesets) and a different philosophy of life, especially magic which is very prominent. It is thanks to it that the forging of Apricorns into Pokéballs was already known and mastered in Keltios. And to make sure you don’t feel out of place, you will have the opportunity to “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” and to collect dozens of pocket monsters thanks to a mage’s privilege that you will inherit very quickly. Yes, an enchanted grimoire will act as a Pokédex!

    On Arceus’ sphere (the physical laws):
    As magic replaces technology, the inhabitants have learned to live in symbiosis with nature and the “magical creatures” that populate it. You will learn for example that Pokémons recover their energy by camping or resting in an inn (or by praying at an altar), but also that battles can be deadly to your fellow travelers in case of a blow that is too powerful (feature that can be set in the options: disabled, realistic or Nuzlocke). Because yes, in Keltios, the carnal envelope of a Pokémon remains mortal and many trainers have shed tears as a consequence!

    Generally speaking, the Pokémon gameplay will be revisited in order to get closer to a classic fantasy RPG while keeping the essence of the license.

    The Sacred Phoenix Quest (and its secondary objectives) will lead you to visit all 22 kelt towns, but also potentially some of the 12 known cities beyond the borders.
    After an introduction on Phoenix Hill, where your starter will be given to you, your story will start in the peaceful province of Alienor in the west of Keltios, to the battlefields near the Distortion Massif, and to the dream of every trainer: the Mt. Asgard, where the Colosseum of Arceus, the headquarters of the Pokémon League of Keltios, is built. The map is designed to offer you a semi-liberty inspired by open worlds while guiding you a minimum to avoid finding yourself in an off-level zone.

    In keeping with the Pokémon tradition, most of the cities are themed around the Celtic tree. The geography will also make nods to ancient legends such as those of Avalon or Broceliande.

    A mature scenario rich in myths and legends, and where the Legendaries are honored as gods.
    Three Dragon Starters: Dratini, Bagon and Gible. All three final forms have their Mega-Evolution.
    Unique tilesets for a medieval-fantasy atmosphere
    – Mapping using the terraforming technique: all Keltios maps have a realistic relief and are perfectly joined. This provides an organic environment and a semi-open world that will allow soaring in the sky between all areas.
    An orchestral soundtrack by Pipevanes and Braxton Burks!
    3 rivals
    10 Augurs (replacing Gym Leaders), 2 of which are optional. Each will give a Talisman, equivalent to a badge.
    – Two sects that will act as Teams: the Cult of Darkrai and the Cult of Giratina.
    – Fully customizable difficulty, from Assist Mode to Giratina’s Hell (hardcore Nuzlocke).
    – You can forfeit to most trainers and thus decline the battle (but it will be perceived as a dishonor by your party). It is also possible to explore Keltios without battle-capable Pokémon, but be careful not to make unfortunate encounters!
    – A Game Over is present and can be triggered in three ways: being defeated by a hostile enemy (death match), being killed by one of your own Pokémon or having all your creatures die (with an optional Black Out Clause).
    Follow Me: you first Pokémon walks by your side. This can be toggled by [Ctrl] key and has implications on the gameplay.
    – Presence of holy and cursed places. This impacts your magic and the behavior of your Pokémons.
    Shiny encounter chance increased to 1/1024. Shinies have better IVs.
    Speed-up button ([F5] key).
    – An internal clock for the game with its own calendar and season management.
    Harvest of Keltios: many wild plants can be harvested in the lands of Keltios and require no maintenance. Their productivity depends on the season, but the Floral Gift (a passive ability possessed by fully evolved Grass Pokémons) can speed up an almost ready harvest.
    New potions and healing items adapted to the old era of Keltios.
    – A mining system allows you to collect the raw materials needed for crafting, including the creation of Pokéballs.
    Caught Overhaul: The capture mechanics have been revisited. A Pokémon that is not weakened or of too high level can deflect balls. Conversely, weakening them will significantly increase your chances of capture! At the same time, the Apricorns-based Pokéballs – the only ones present in Keltios – are rebalanced and offered in three levels of quality. Thus, each one of them will have its utility.
    Death Overhaul: The death of Pokémon will be a reality in Keltios: you will be able to lose your magical creatures if they are hit too hard. This can be set in the options (disabled / realistic / Nuzlocke mode). A reincarnation system is present and allows you to get some ghost Pokémons!
    Overkill mechanism: Grants a XP boost in case of a powerful fatal blow, but beware not to bloodshed too often.
    Loyalty Overhaul: Many parameters influence the feelings of your Pokémons. Gain their trust by giving them food or massaging them. Their level of friendship will have a real influence on battles and will determine how loyal they are to you. You can also instill fear in them to gain respect.
    XP Overhaul: Depending on the importance of the fights, the experience gain will be more or less important. At the same time, an original soft level cap greatly accelerates the experience gained if your Pokémon is underlevel and reduces it by half if your Pokémon is too high level. The overlevel also reduces the dread felt by your magical creature, which will impact the obedience they have for you. This effect can be compensated with high friendship.
    – Pokémons can evolve mid-battle and trade evolutions are replaced by alternatives ones.
    – A Keltios Pokédex made up of around 500 creatures, of which 15% are Fakemons and regional variants (known as “ancient” forms). New Mega-Evolutions are also present!
    Two new types: Shadow and Light. It will be possible to grant one of these two types to your Pokémon through a ritual.
    – A rebalanced type chart!
    – Status moves are divided into three sub-categories: buff, debuff, and terrain.
    Effectiveness Overhaul: Chances of hitting with a debuff move are influenced by type affinity. Affinity also influences the chances of inflicting a side effect and the rate of indirect or fixed damage.
    Statuses and critical hits have been overhauled.
    Haxx smoother: Minimizes the luck/bad luck discrepancies that frustrate players in battle. This will be done by taking into account the success or failure of the last actions. For example, if you failed your Blizzard, the next one will have more chances to succeed, and vice versa.
    EVs and IVs will be visible on the stats. The Pokémon summary will also include much more information than in the official games. (Great for fans of RPG feats).
    The EV system is rebalanced and expanded to be closer to what it was in Gen 1 / Gen 2, rewarding trainers who train the same Pokémon over the long term.
    Possibility to curse, strengthen or bless the IVs of your Pokémon in order to minimize or maximize them. All your magical creatures will have a chance to become “Perfect”. The nature in battle can also be modified in the same manner as mints.

    – Three branches of crafting: forging, alchemy and enchanting. (It’s my priority for the next major release.)
    Double and Triple battles with the possibility of meeting wild Pokémons in pairs or triples (the latter is a horde battle.)
    – Wild Pokémons that will act as bosses and will be fought in 1 vs. 2. In return, they will be able to call for reinforcements in the manner of the SOS battles in SM/USUM.
    – Develop the game in HD with a resolution of 1280x720 and sprites in 192x192 for the Pokémons. My ultimate wish is that these HD sprites are also animated.
    – Augur Battles will take place in colosseums. (Pokémon matches are the most popular entertainment in Keltios and the public wants to see the show!) No puzzles in these buildings, but the Augurs will give you an Alola Trial-style quest before facing you.
    – Augur Battles will follow the Gym leaders’ rules of the Anime with a battlefield to their advantage and a no item clause.
    – A Pokémon League in the form of a Double battle tournament in a sumptuous colosseum.
    – Replacing PP system with 2 new energy gauges for your Pokémons: Mana and Breath. This will allow more than 4 moves per Pokémon.
    6 tactical options instead of 4 in battle: Attack, Stances, Tactics, Pokémon, Bag and Run.
    – Ho-Oh’s Scepter will allow your character to use magic, including casting O-Power style spells, but also to Mega-Evolve your Pokémons and use the Z-Power.
    – The Sacred Mega-Evolution! Find the true Mega-Evolution as it is described in the anime: the one that requires a sincere love towards your Pokémon. It will also allow the use of Z-moves.
    – The possibility of performing Poké-Jobs, a kind of repeatable quest that will allow you to earn money without spilling the blood of your magical creatures.
    Fields Effects: Like Pokémon Reborn, battlefields will have a very significant influence on the power of attacks and will combine with weather and auras. The number of weathers will also be extended.
    – In-map use of HM moves based on the Pokémon’s ability to learn the attack (instead of having it in its moveset) and the presence of Poké Ride.
    – The hermaphrodite gender for Pokémons and egg groups redone from scratch.
    – Each Legendary Pokémon will have its own Legendary move and/or Ability, reflecting its divine power over the world.
    – Integration of Pokémon Contests.

    The Silvynis family is a lineage that has had several royal ancestors. The latest was Nimue the Pure, Mythical Queen who watched over Keltios a century ago. Going back in the genealogy, it is revealed that the blood of Morgana Harmonia and AZ of Kalos also runs in their veins.
    Of course, as in any self-respecting Pokémon game, you can choose your character’s name. Be aware that if you take the hero, the heroine will become one of your rivals and vice versa.

    The hero

    Only son of Brendan and Ygerne, Aranel is a young man of 18 who, after the death of his father, found hope by following the teachings of the Ho-Oh cult. Shy but honest, he has always dreamed of becoming friends with Pokémons. He is very close to his cousin Viviane.

    The heroine

    Only daughter of Elowen and Gorlois, Viviane is a young lady of 19 years. Her destiny seems to be linked to Aranel’s, for she too saw her father die during the terrible battle of Taranus 11 years ago, the same battle where the Mythical King Oromis lost his Suicune. Like her cousin Aranel, she decided to follow the teachings of the Temple of Ho-Oh. Enthusiastic and determined, she has always been fascinated by the magic of Pokémons.

    The Pokémon “Professor”

    Fintan the Wise is the grandfather of Viviane and Aranel, 68 years old at the beginning of the adventure. Lord of Sylvan Town, his manor houses a vast library, his dream being to list all the existing Pokémons in Keltios. Legend has it that he even met Celebi in the Lake of Time when he was 12 years old. When he sees that his grandchild has inherited the Scepter of Ho-Oh, he will entrust him with the Pokégrimoire, an enchanted book that acts as an ancient Pokédex.


    High Priest of Ho-Oh, he plays the role of your mentor during the beginning of the game. Guardian of the Scepter of Phoenix Pokémon, he masters the Sacred Mega-Evolution, but it seems that his artifact attracts dangerous lusts...


    He is the blacksmith and the Lord of Tintignac, the second town in the game. Master in the art of making Pokéballs from Apricorns, he will teach his knowledge to our hero very early in his adventure. (Yes, there will be crafting!)


    Intrepid damsel of the Draconid People and aspiring Dragon Rider, it was she who gave you one of the three dragon eggs she possessed as a reward for your initiation. She will keep you company as your second rival, for she too was entitled to her dragon hatching as the new Priestess of Rayquaza.


    Sveifla is an enigmatic character. The son of a high-ranking person, he used to serve the Cult of Giratina, but was banished after losing control of his Shadow Pokémon. The scar on his face is a testament to this. In revenge, he stole a dragon egg from Duiraco and hatched it, and is now trying to rebuild his career as a trainer. He will cross your path several times and will act as your third rival.

    AZ - Azoth of his real name

    Former King of Kalos and master alchemist, his love for Pokémon earned him the trust of Xerneas and Yveltal. But at that time, the Legendaries refused to intervene in human wars, which cost the life of his Floette.
    Despite the kindness of the two Guardians of Kalos who helped him create the Philosopher’s Stone and resurrect his beloved Pokémon, the sovereign succumbed to his dark side by freeing Giratina from the Distortion World. The ultimate weapon was created and ravaged Keltios, ending a 16-year war... but at the cost of his Floette’s departure and an unforgivable reputation as a god of destruction in the eyes of the kelts. The only thing he was able to keep was his Philosopher’s Stone, which is why he is still living 500 years later, wandering around looking for his redemption. Our heroes will cross his path several times.

    Unos the Mythical King

    Successor of Oromis, he is the current Mythical King of Keltios. He is the first mortal to have obtained the allegiance of three Legendaries at the same time, including Arceus himself. Needless to say, with so many divine Pokémons at his side, he is an exceptionally powerful trainer!

    The equivalent of Gym Leaders, Augurs are the head of each Keltios Cult. Guardians of the wisdom of the Legendary they represent; they will subject you to a trial (like the Trials of Alola) if you express the desire to them to face them. Succeed in their quest, and they will then give you an appointment in their arena backed by the Temple, coliseums offering very beautiful shows for the inhabitants of their city.
    These official Keltios League battles will be tough, as Augurs treat their magical creatures with the utmost love, healing items will be forbidden, you won’t be able to send more Pokémon than your opponent has, and the arena’s terrain will be significantly to their advantage. A small concession, however: you will be allowed to switch Pokémon for free if you knock out one of the Augur’s magical creatures, and the Augur will never be allowed to switch voluntarily. In short, it’s exactly the official rules of the Gym battles from the Anime.
    Triumph and you will be rewarded with a Talisman, a badge that will reinforce your authority over your pocket monsters and unlock a quest that will allow you to learn a field move... And let’s not forget the applause of the audience who will reward you with a nice amount of gold!

    List of Augurs

    : Augur of Celebi – specialized Grass and Psychic-type
    Meirion: Augur of Kyogre – specialized Water and Ice-type
    Aedan: Augur of Groudon – specialized Fire and Ground-type
    Blodwyn: Augur of Xerneas – specialized Fairy and Grass-type
    Arianna: Augur of Lugia – specialized Water, Flying and Psychic-type
    Houarnon: Augur of Heatran – specialized Fire, Steel and Rock-type
    Erwana: Augur of Yveltal – specialized Dark and Ghost-type
    Cerridwyn: Augur of Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf – specialized Psychic and Light-type (It will be a Trio Combat)
    Neñvel: Augur of Rayquaza – specialized Dragon and Electric-type
    Ambros: Augur of Ho-Oh – specialized Fire and Flying-type

    Note that the Augurs of Ho-Oh and Heatran will be optional (although highly recommended). The first one, because you’ll already have his Talisman from being initiated by the priests of Ho-Oh, the second one because it won’t unlock a field move that’s essential to the main quest (and the League of Keltios only requires 9 Talismans to compete).
    You’ll also notice that their teams won’t be monotype, but in the theme of the Legendary that fits them.

    Sacred Phoenix renews the battle mechanics in depth, offering a new wind on the Pokémon license.
    If your will is to be surprised and discover everything by yourself, follow the path of Azelf. The scenario will introduce you to these new features gradually.
    But if you choose the path of Uxie and wish his knowledge, a documentation has been specially written for you. It is available in the “doc” folder of the game.

    Fintan’s library contains many books that can be accessed from the shelves of his manor. For an independent reading of the game, these writings are also available in PDF format. A good majority of the gameplay changes are described there, as well as some of the lore.
    The library of Fintan the Wise (French version) (Spanish version)

    Since June 23, 2018, Sacred Phoenix has grown and developed. The changelog traces its history.
    View the changelog (French version)

    This short document lists the questions related to the installation or the update of the game.
    https://www.sacredphoenix.fr/res/Telechargements/PDF/FAQ/FAQ and troubleshooting_EN.pdf

    Game download: Alpha v0.3.2.4 of January 23, 2022

    Available languages: / /
    Includes the full prologue, approximately 30 minutes of gameplay.
    The Chapter 1, the town of Tintignac, and the crafting system are our next goals.

    Official website of Sacred Phoenix
    Official Discord (boosted at level 2)
    Deviantart gallery
    Youtube Channel

    Project team:

    - Amras Anárion: Project Lead, Lead Writer, Game Designer, Level Designer, Programmer, Community Manager, Game Artist, Pixel Artist and Translator
    - Cataclyptic: Game Artist
    - Dracoyan: Pixel Artist
    - Eysselia: Game Artist
    - Thunungu: Community Manager, Pixel Artist, Translator
    - Pipevanes: Musician, Translator
    - Splittingjaw: Game Artist (artwork of Fakemons)

    Honorary members:

    - Arnik: Concepts of Fakemons from his former project “Cristal de Jade”, Pixel artist
    - Cottens: Game Artist, Programmer, Web manager, secondary Beta Tester
    - FlorianDX: Game Artist, Pixel Artist
    - Palkioss: Community Manager
    - PixelCraft: Pixel Artist

    Former team members:

    - Altarax: Programmer
    - Bugfix: Beta Tester
    - Carole: Artworks of some items, help in pixel art

    Credits from members who provided one-time help:

    - LOX: artwork of the regional Druddigon
    - Pixâme: collab for the tiles of the Fintan Manor
    - SkaraBdort: score of the Keltios hymn
    - Vulvoch: tiles of the Ivy Tower
    - Yjchigo: script help

    Credits for external contributors:

    -- Tilesets --
    - Alucus
    - aveontrainer
    - Chaoticcherrycake
    - carchagui
    - Celiana
    - Chimcharsfireworkd
    - GameFreak - Pokémon HGSS
    - Inkaline
    - Kyle-Dove
    - Magiscarf
    - princess-phoenix
    - Redshrike
    - Saurav
    - WesleyFG

    -- Sprites --
    - RBRNNova
    - Oniwanbashu
    - Conyjams (sprites of Galar’s forms)

    -- Artworks --
    - Cdhernly

    -- Various graphics --
    - Sidney Eileen (http://sidneyeileen.com) - graphic design elements

    -- Music --
    - Braxton Burks (https://www.connorgriffinmusic.com)
    - GameFreak for the music from official games
    - Dasgust (title screen score)
    - BellBlitzKing (SFX rip for the Pokémon games)

    -- PSDK game engine credits --
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