File d'attente des thèmes à composer par Pipevanes

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    Pokemon - Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky - Hidden Land
    Original version :

    Pokemon - Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky - Steam Cave
    Original version :

    Tower of Mastery (Pokémon X Y - anime version)
    Rudimentary RIP from Anime :
    There is no reorchstration. The music of the anime is sublime yet.

    The Anthem of Keltios.
    An inacheved music of SkaraBdort :

    Do not Ever Forget - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
    Internet Video Archive Remix version :

    The Sycamore Pokémon Lab - Pokémon X & Y
    Original version :
    I did not find any interesting remix.

    Battle! Professor Oak (fan-made theme - unknown author)
    Pokeli 8bit version :

    Vs. Legendary Birds - Pokémon Dark Violet
    TheAbsolAudio version :
    (very beautiful alternation of instruments reminiscent of fire, ice and lightning.)
    bauerklos music version :
    (great chorus!)

    Improvement of the existing

    Professor Sycamore theme - Pokémon X & Y
    Pipevanes version :
    Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions version :

    Done :

    OST Sacred Phoenix - A rival blessed by Xerneas
    OST Sacred Phoenix - Bear Dance
    OST Sacred Phoenix - Bréliande Forest
    OST Sacred Phoenix - Dance of the Sacred Beasts
    OST Sacred Phoenix - Ivy Tower
    OST Sacred Phoenix - Lake of Time
    OST Sacred Phoenix - Phoenix Hill
    OST Sacred Phoenix - Sylvan Town
    OST Sacred Phoenix - The World of Sacred Phoenix
    OST Sacred Phoenix - Tintignac
    Bugfix apprécie ceci.